About project

Period: May 2016 – August 2020

Client: ADMSolutions.net

Subject: Application Development, Website Design

ADMsolutions.net specializes in document management and retention for HOA’s and Condominiums.

It is a cloud-based application that helps you increase operational efficiency and maximize financial resources. It comes with the signature Owner’s Portal, where owners can access all of their property’s files in a secure environment.

Our Task

To create a web-based application that would allow HOA’s and Condominium’s full control over their document management & retention capabilities.


Lake County Computers designed and developed ADM Solutions’ web-based application with user experience in mind. Custom programming and innovative design elements were used to bring all the pieces together for a functional, comprehensive digital experience.

Our web development team mapped out the data flow to ensure admins and owners could navigate pages easily, find information, and learn about upcoming news and events. Given the complexity and multiple moving parts of the application, this was a top priority for ADM Solutions.

  • Easy Setup
  • Robust Reporting
  • Expansive data sheet including Architectural, Violations, Legal
  • E-Voting Module
  • Owner Portal
  • Support Center


The website launched in January 2020 and has been an instant hit within the HOA & Condominium community.

  • Responsive website with modern design
  • Back end access to manage content
  • Ability to add specials, update content, and post on the blog without contacting website developer
  • Expandable hosting service
  • Immediate increase in number of keywords the website was ranking for


Our marketing team is busy developing an ongoing marketing strategy involving written content, Social Media Services, SEO, and Local SEO.